ART + 艺术

“五一”生活节 / 葡萄主题摄影节 / 嘉源海涂鸦公共艺术季 / 嘉源海系列艺术展 / 艺术中心 / 嘉源海美术馆 / 个人工作室

Jia yuan hai community has held dozens of cultural and artistic activities every year since its opening, accumulating a large number of high-quality related resources, and a professional team is responsible for the operation of the art sector. Some annul events have set a benchmark in Jiading District.
"Labor Day" Lifestyle Festival / Grape Themed Photography Festival / Jia yuan hai Graffiti Public Art Season / Jia yuan hai Series Art Exhibition / Art Center / Jia yuan hai Art Museum / Designer Studio




Jia yuan hai community is located in the one of the most beautiful villages in Shanghai, Dayu Village. Surrounded by natural environment, such as rivers, farming field and 6 square kilometers of Malu vineyard, the community is located in the 1-hour traffic circle in the suburb of Shanghai, with moderate distance.
The LIVING sector sticks to the characteristic industry of Malu grape, integrates regional advantages, introduces high-quality institutions and businesses, creates a healthy lifestyle center, and leads the "natural" lifestyle. We advocate living in nature, returning to land, and highlighting the community characteristics of livability and business.


NET + 网络


All Internet related industries settled in Jia yuan hai community are mainly live vlog broadcast base and e-gaming business, which is a one-stop home-based work community for online workers with large-scale space transformation, tight management and complete supporting facilities.
The platform provides services for the settled institutions: including business registration agency, policy support, space transformation, etc.


HAND + 手工坊


Jia yuan Hai handicraft workshop includes several studios of different categories. Its predecessor was Jia yuan hai intangible cultural heritage. It takes the inheritance of Chinese traditional handicraft as the starting point, combines modern creativity, introduces inheritors and craftsmen of intangible cultural heritage, attracts national characteristic handicraft institutions, expands and develops Jia yuan hai cultural and creative position.
Under the guidance of Jiading District Education Bureau and publicity department, Jia yuan hai workshop enters schools and communities all the year round. With more than 500 square meters of exhibition space, the workshop can provide group event services for enterprises, training institutions, parent-child preschool education institutions, travel agencies, etc.